This Week’s Ham4Ham: Come for Rory O’Malley’s Emcee Debut, Stay for Daveed Diggs’s Dabbing Skills

If the video of Rory O’Malley’s Ham4Ham hosting debut is any indication, he’s going to make a fine, fine emcee. But this week’s Ham4Ham was overshadowed by some somber news Daveed Diggs, Hamilton’s flamboyantly wonderful Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, will be leaving the production on July 15. Don’t weep, though! Diggs is here for one last Ham4Ham appearance, and he brought his top-notch dabbing skills with him. “I fucking love y’all,” Diggs said. “Thank you so much everybody who has been a part of making this the most incredible few years of my life. It has been such an honor to perform for y’all. This is the most important thing about Hamilton to me. The way that you guys come out here and reclaim this area, that I didn’t come to at all before I was in Hamilton, is the most important thing to me. This is public space, and it belongs to all of you.” Travel the wide, wide world and come back to us soon, Daveed.

Watch Daveed Diggs Dab in This Week’s Ham4Ham