Watch Nikki Glaser’s Excellent ‘Not Safe’ Segment on College Campus Rape and the NCAA

Not Safe with Nikki Glaser has featured some consistently funny segments involving porn stars, vibrators, and Trump supporters, but during last night’s episode, Glaser got serious by shining a light on college campus sexual assault through an excellent interview with Brenda Tracy, who was drugged and gang raped by four college football players in 1998, misled by prosecutors about her case, and ultimately never saw justice despite the fact that her rapists confessed their crimes. Now, Tracy and her son are working to hold colleges accountable through a petition calling for the NCAA to ban violent athletes, and Not Safe illustrated the problem further by sharing the staggering list of colleges that reported 0 rapes in 2014 (and no, that’s not a good thing).

“You can rationalize a rapist ― that’s what they do. They rape, they commit crimes, they hurt people,” Tracy tells Glaser. “But how do you rationalize good people turning their back on you? How do you rationalize a system that’s built to protect you and doesn’t?” Check out Tracy and her son’s petition here, and watch Glaser’s full interview with her below. It’s a tough but important watch:

Watch Nikki Glaser’s Excellent ‘Not Safe’ Segment on […]