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Paul Simon Is Ready to Ease Your Mind About Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel have had a lot of differences over the years, but neither is being petty about the other using a Simon & Garfunkel song to support different Democratic candidates. After Garfunkel explained to the New York Times last winter that he was a “Bernie guy” and the duo gave Sanders permission to use their song “America” in his campaign, Simon appeared at the Democratic National Convention on Monday night to show his support of Hillary Clinton with a different song from their legendary discography. Simon, sans Garfunkel, crooned “Bridge Over Troubled Water” during the convention, and used his dulcet tones to ease the turbulent waves made just moments before when the appearance of Sarah Silverman resulted in portions of the audience chanting for Bernie Sanders. Not only was there no party-unity-booing, as there had been before, but the Grammy winner’s performance was good enough to make it seem doubtful that he’s really ready to retire to the sound of silence.

Watch Paul Simon’s Performance at the DNC