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The New Office Christmas Party Trailer Suggests You Party So Hard This Holiday Season, You Spiral Off Into the Void

Is the day-to-day tedium and low-level anxiety of office life really a recipe for sudden violence, animalistic sexual bacchanalia and life-ending debauchery? Well, have you ever worked in a cubicle? The latest trailer for Office Christmas Party ups the ante on its previously cheery carnival of chaos (which you can see in the two trailers below), and confirms that the most important rules of a satisfying corporate fete are as follows: Do not let T.J. Miller drive your vehicle for any reason, do not try to shortchange your sex worker or her madam and, of course, physically submit to Jennifer Aniston before she shatters every bone in your arm. Also, no one spend more than $20 on their Secret Santa gift. Sometimes one person goes nuts with it and it just makes everybody else feel bad. Office Christmas Party comes out December 9.

Watch the New Office Christmas Party Trailer