Watch the Official Olympics 2016 Theme Song Music Video and Feel an Urge to Do a Cartwheel in Brazil

One month before the start of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Brazilian samba super star Thiaguinho and rapper Projota released their music video for the official Olympics 2016 theme song. The anthem, “Alma e Coração” (Soul and Heart) is decidedly not a rehash of ’30s jazz standard “Heart and Soul,” but instead a lively number praising perseverance, effort and a “new world with good people only.” The video features adorable children, who are definitely too young to participate in the actual Olympics, jumping rope, racing, swimming, punching the air and other activities that remind you that you’re a slob sitting in front of a computer watching music videos and not living your best life on a track field in Rio. The games begin August 5. Sports!

Watch the Olympics 2016 Theme Song Music Video