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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Russian Doppelgänger Gets the Vodka Commercial He Deserves

How fake is this new Pyat Ozer vodka commercial starring Roman Burtsev, Russia’s bootleg version of Leonardo DiCaprio? на самом деле поддельные! (Oh, that’s Russian for “very fake.”) The product itself isn’t actually fake c’mon, you know those Russians take their vodka very seriously but the underlying spirit of deception remains. We get a fake iPhone, a fake BMW, fake Christian Louboutin heels, a fake Adidas tracksuit, and even a fake girlfriend! But alas, some things just can’t be faked, such as the imminent throat-burning sensation from downing a few shots of vodka while boating around a picturesque pond. Or is it … a fake pond?

Watch the Russian Leo Doppelgänger’s Vodka Ad