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Workaholics Is Giving Up the Ghost, Mostly Likely Will End With Season 7

Photo: Comedy Central

It’s been one heckuva grind, but the bells are tolling for Workaholics. The stars of the Comedy Central series spoke to Entertainment Weekly, and they revealed their intention to make a career change after Workaholics’ upcoming seventh season. Said Adam DeVine: “This is it, we think … We’ve talked as a group. We kind of think now’s a good time to put it to bed.” Co-star/co-creator Anders Holm agreed, saying that even in an age where TV shows rarely and truly die, Workaholics is going to be done for a good, long while. He explained: “We’re trying to at least take a lengthy break from it … We’re saying it’s the last season, for now.” Still, Workaholics-holics can be comforted by the knowledge that the comedy team behind the show (DeVine and Holm, plus Blake Anderson and Kyle Newacheck) plans to stay in business together. Per DeVine: “We always say, in a perfect world, every year we’d have a project together … We’re not breaking up by any means.” So they’re retiring, but in like a Steven Soderbergh kinda way. Nice.

Workaholics Is Mostly Likely Done After Season 7