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Zachary Quinto to Unnerve You Yet Again in a Biopunk TV Series

2016 Nantucket Film Festival Day 4
Hi there, Sylar. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Hey, remember how Zachary Quinto was really creepy when he played Sylar on Heroes? Brace for more of that, but without the superpowers. Quinto has joined a TV adaptation of Wired writer Marcus Wohlsen’s book Biopunk: DIY Scientists Hack the Software of Life, which reported on people “seeking to do for biotech what Steve Jobs did for personal computing.” Chase Palmer, who co-wrote the upcoming remake of It, is creating the series and writing the script. Quinto will play the “iconoclastic leader” of the movement who can’t wait for the future to get here, a description that isn’t unsettling at all.

Zachary Quinto Joins Biopunk TV Series