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Good Person Adele Accepts Fans’ Wedding Invitation Without Even Asking About the Open-Bar Situation

In addition to being a showcase for her stunning vocals, Adele’s concert tour has been a nonstop parade of delightful, candid moments. She called out a concertgoer for filming her. She told her critics to suck her dick. She even got a Grammy-nominated fan onstage to belt for a bit. Recently, after calling up a couple onstage, Adele accepted an invitation to their wedding. Now, clearly what the world needs is a Get Him to the Greek–style movie about Adele’s attempts to make it across America to arrive at this wedding. Maybe it will even be set in Montana, a state Adele somehow knows nothing about, and involve banter with a roguish cowboy. Is Chris Pine available?

Adele Accepts an Invitation to Fans’ Wedding