America’s Got Talent Performer Unharmed After Being Hit in the Throat With a Flaming Arrow, Which Seems Like the Best Talent There Is

America's Got Talent - Season 11
Photo: Vivian Zink/NBC

During Tuesday night’s live America’s Got Talent quarterfinals, Canadian stunt performer Ryan Stock was shot in the throat with a flaming arrow after fiancée and partner Amber Lynn Walker accidentally missed the target Stock clutched in his mouth. Despite the audience’s horrified reaction, Stock was unharmed, and tweeted about the incident later, blaming a “very unfortunate mechanical failure.” All of which suggests Stock and Walker should sweep the competition. Because isn’t making people interested in watching America’s Got Talent the greatest talent of all? On the other hand, who among us couldn’t accidentally shoot their fiancé in the throat? That talent is a dime a dozen. Either way, the judges do not have an easy job ahead of them.

America’s Got Talent Arrow Act Goes Awry