Amy Sherman-Palladino on the Emotional Trauma of Gilmore Girls Season 7

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Photo: Frederick M. Brown/2013 Getty Images

Unsatisfactory contract negotiations resulted in the departure of Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her writer-director husband Daniel from the show in 2006, after its sixth season. But how does Sherman-Palladino feel about the show’s seventh and final season, which she had no part in crafting? Apparently, she’s never seen it, citing the psychological toll of watching someone else take over her creation as the reason why. “Nothing against the seventh season,” Sherman-Palladino told a group of journalists at the Television Critics Association press event, according to TVLine, “but any writer who was so emotionally connected to something and then pulled out of it is going to find it very hard to go back into that world and not feel like you either want to slit your own wrist and die slowly in a swimming pool, or be angry or be jealous.” Saying “Nothing against the seventh season” is the showrunner equivalent of starting a sentence with “I love her but … ”, right before you make a bitchy comment about your best friend. It’s really the perfect setup for her incredibly intense reaction to knowing the residents of Stars Hollow continued living on in her absence.

Amy Sherman-Palladino on Gilmore Girls Season 7