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In the Trailer for Antibirth, Natasha Lyonne and Chloë Sevigny Go All-In for Gross-Out Horror

There is a baseline level of weirdness in a movie that co-stars Natasha Lyonne and Chloë Sevigny. When you hear “whip-its,” “immaculate demonic conception,” and “dancing man-sized Teletubbie ghoul,” your first question should probably be, “And … ?” Rest easy, body-horror fans, because there’s a whole lot of the “And … ?” in Antibirth. It’s the debut feature from Danny Perez that premiered at Sundance this year and features Lyonne as a hard-partying woman named Lou who wakes up after a blackout to find she’s pregnant, with no recollection of having sex with anyone. As the pregnancy rapidly progresses, Lou’s body goes through gruesome transformations, and her life basically starts to mirror the worst possible trip a human could ever experience. Antibirth is one for the sub-Reddit of Rob Zombie fans who loved angsty late ’90s indie cinema. It’s been compared to William Friedkin and early David Cronenberg, which are all just cinephile ways of saying, “This movie is so fucked!” In case you couldn’t tell from the trailer, prepare for “surreal shocks,” “subversive comedy,” and a “no-holds-barred descent into delirium.”

Antibirth Trailer: Natasha Lyonne’s Demon Spawn