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New Bad Santa 2 Red-Band Trailer: Violent Night, Unholy Night

In the decade-plus since Bad Santa’s release, we’ve seen teachers, grandpasmoms, and even neighbors (in the Commonwealth) follow in its footsteps. Now, Billy Bob Thornton is back, in a sequel four years in the making. In the second red-band trailer, we see more of Christina Hendricks than we did the last time, and by that we mean a lot more. We also get a longer look at the tree the bad apple fell from with some more Kathy Bates, who plays his mom, along with plenty more red-band-worthy gags to assault your sensibilities (see: jokes about fetal alcohol syndrome). If this sounds like your kind of thing, you will probably enjoy it; if it’s not, you definitely won’t.

See the New Red-Band Trailer for Bad Santa 2