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Billy Crudup Joins Naomi Watts for Netflix Thriller Gypsy

25th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards
Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Netflix has become Hollywood’s favorite job board. The latest actor to take advantage of one of the streaming service’s exciting employment opportunities is Billy Crudup, who will co-star alongside Naomi Watts in the upcoming series Gypsy. Watts, as therapist Jean Holloway, is the central focus, and because the actress has made a career out of playing characters that have absolutely no sense of or respect for boundaries, she will start to develop “dangerous and intimate relationships with the people in her patients’ lives.” Crudup will play Jean’s husband, Michael, who is a pretty great dad, but has “morally gray relationships” of his own to sort out. The pair will have a “twisted and complicated marriage,” because, again: Watts. It will start its ten-episode run sometime in 2017, and Sam Taylor-Johnson will direct the first two episodes. It’s time for Watts to put the Claire Danes ugly-cry back in second place where it belongs.

Billy Crudup Joins Netflix Thriller Gypsy