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Black-ish Season 2 Is Free on iTunes, Here’s Your Chance to Catch Up With the Johnsons

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Photo: Maarten de Boer/2016 Maarten de Boer

If the summer heat is making you want to remain indoors in an air-conditioned cacoon hiding from the sun, then here’s another excuse for staying isolated: free television. That’s right, you don’t need a monthly subscription service, a friend’s login info, or an antenna. All you need is a computer with iTunes to watch the entire second season of ABC’s Emmy Award–nominated family sitcom Black-ish. Considering the dead zone we’re in right now for new episodes of prestigious television (yes, yes, we see you, Mr. Robot), now is the perfect time to check out, or rewatch, the show we crowned “the best new comedy of 2015.” But you might want to start binging now, this offer on the 24-episode season is only good though Wednesday night, August 17.

Black-ish Season 2 Is Free on iTunes