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The New Trailer for Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard’s Allied Looks Like Gone Girl Set in the European Theater

While the previous trailers for Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard’s WWII drama focused on the titanic odds stacked against two spies falling in love during wartime, today’s latest look at the film reveals a huge twist that, frankly, adds a queasiness to the romanticism of it all. Apparently Brad Pitt’s Allied spy Max Vatan is forced to prove his French Resistance–fighter-wife Marianne Beausejour is, in fact, not a German spy. If she is, well, he has to, uh, murder her. You’d think someone over at British Intelligence would do Vatan a solid and assume his wife-killing duties for him, but who ever said love is fair? You can watch the two previous trailers below if you want to reminisce about those innocent days when you thought the film was just a period Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and not Suspicion with more Nazis.

Brad Pitt Spies for Love in the Allied Trailer