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Yas, Music: Broad City Is Getting an Official Soundtrack

Photo: Comedy Central

You don’t have to wait until the fourth season premiere of Broad City to get your Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazner fix. In collaboration with Broad City’s music supervisor Matt FX Feldman, the trio will be executive-producing an original-series soundtrack for the Comedy Central sitcom. Due out on October 28, the album will feature a vast selection of tracks that include an extended version of the theme song (“Latino N’ Proud” by DJ Raff) and soundtrack-exclusive songs. “When I first started working on the show, our resources were so low to the point where working with unsigned and unknown artists was the only way we could possibly afford to score an entire episode the way we wanted,” Feldman told Rolling Stone. “These days, I see it almost as an obligation to keep the platform growing. Super duper excited that we’ve been able to physically encapsulate the sonic identity of the show with this soundtrack.” Parkour around your neighborhood in celebration!

Broad City Is Getting an Official Soundtrack