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It Is So Ordered: CBS Is Making a Drama Based on Judge Judy

Judith Sheindlin on Set
Photo: Donaldson Collection/Getty Images

Judge Judy, our nation’s foremost legal mind, is getting an origin story. According to Variety, CBS is developing Her Honor, a drama based on the life of Judge Judy Sheindlin. Sheindlin is involved in the project, co-writing the pilot with showrunner Michael Chernuchin. Her Honor is inspired by Sheindlin’s life before she became the premier arbiter of justice on television, back when she was a young judge in New York. A classic tale of a professionally proficient woman who just can’t keep her personal life together, Her Honor is said to explore a judge who “cuts through the chaos in Family Court, but can’t seem to maintain control of her own life outside the courtroom.” It’s Sheindlin’s first foray into scripted TV, so here’s looking to how the judge resolves plot conflict when the bang of a gavel won’t do.

CBS Is Making Drama Based on Judge Judy