Celebrities Share Their #fav7films on Twitter

Photo: Paramount Pictures, Amercent Films, Lucasfilm

The hashtag #fav7films has been trending on Twitter since Monday, prompting users to list their seven favorite films of all time. And who better to share their seven favorite films than actors themselves? We’ve compiled tweets from actors and other famous creative types about their #fav7films for you, so get ready for a whole lot of Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Scorsese, and movies you only saw once because you felt like you had to.

Some went the comedic route. After all, revealing your favorite films is like letting someone read your diary. You’re exposing yourself to ridicule and judgment. It’s safer to give a jokey response than risk being labeled pretentious or having your taste mocked.

If you’re looking to tweet your own list, one helpful (if a bit cynical) user has made a pretty great template: