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Chance the Rapper Drops Truth Bombs About Police Brutality and Rahm Emanuel

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Chance with the wisdom. Photo: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

In just a few short years, Chance the Rapper has emerged as a voice of reason in both Chicago and the world of hip-hop. And in a new Billboard profile, Chance has once again used his public platform to spit more knowledge from beyond the booth. In short, he believes police brutality should be condemned and analyzed for exactly what it is: systemic violence against minorities. “There’s a larger conversation we need to have about the role of police officers, their relationship to the people as enemy or executioner, when they’re not supposed to be either.” He continues: “There’s also not enough pressure on internal organizations that are supposed to police the police and on judges in the justice system who are supposed to make reasonable decisions.”

As for Chicago’s mayor Rahm Emanuel (whom Chance’s father used to work for), Chance says Emanuel failed his city in the wake of the police killing of Laquan McDonald. “In a time of crisis he tried to be strategic, and he should have been more compassionate,” says Chance, who previously referenced McDonald’s death on his SNL debut, and again on that stage with Kanye West, and has called police brutality a form of “genocide” that “nobody really gives a fuck about.”

Chance the Rapper Talks Rahm Emanuel, Police