2016 olympics

Chance the Rapper Puts Original Lyrics in a Nike Ad for the Olympics

You know what’s really inspiring? Dedicated Olympic athletes competing for the pride of their nation. Also, Chance the Rapper. Combine those two things and you will have no choice but to wilt into a warm puddle of hope and togetherness, believing suddenly and wholeheartedly in the American Dream. Seriously, this ad from Nike called “Unlimited Together” is more evocative than it has any right to be. Chance raps a tribute to U.S. Olympians by saying, “We the people would like you to know that wherever you go we’re right by your side,” and then turns the song into a request by basically asking them to heal us as a country. The dams in your tear ducts should break by the time you notice he’s laced his little ditty with lyrics from the national anthem: “Through the perilous fight, we want you to be brave. We want us a hero. We need a teammate.” Chance the Rapper for Team Captain of America.

Chance the Rapper Wants Your Olympic Tears