Chris Pratt Explains the Motivation Behind His Ridiculous Photo-Shoot Poses

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Chris Pratt. Photo: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Chris Pratt is the “Man of Style” in InStyle’s September issue, and a title like that comes with great responsibility. Not only do you have to give an interview about your fashion preferences (“cargo shorts and a T-shirt from Cabela’s [were] my staple wardrobe for a really long time”), you’ve also got to sit for a photo shoot in which you maintain an air of effortless masculinity while holding a variety of uncomfortable poses. To offer his fans an inside look at what a magazine shoot is really like — and, we assume, to promote the issue — Pratt posted a selection of shots from the session on his Instagram, complete with stream-of-consciousness narration in the captions. Chris Pratt: truly the Jack Kerouac of Instagram.

Full disclosure I did not pick out any of the clothes which is kinda funny for a guy who is called the “man of style.” I mostly like T shirts with American flags on them. Usually I go for the one on the top of the “shirt pile” but I want to promote this nice magazine called In Style Magazine because everyone who was there that hot day we were doing the photo shoot was really nice. They had nice food spread out. And they played good country music. And there were horses all over the place. I feel like I took some pictures with some horses but those didn’t make the magazine. Maybe I accidentally closed my eyes or maybe the horse’s agent threw a Hollywood bitch fit for some reason. The people who picked out the clothes have good style. No doubt. Oh! They even gave me a shirt!!!! Such a nice shirt. Like a flannel shirt but made out of pajamas and the thing cost like $500 or something ridiculous but they just gave it to me!!! So. Anyways. Hopefully this helps them at least sell $500 worth of magazines to make up for that sweet ass shirt. It’s up in Washington so I can’t send a pic right now of the shirt. But trust me. It’s great.
In this photo I try to casually put my left hand in my pocket but the pants are so tight I get the tip of three fingers in. Also I was sweating so bad they give me that hat.

Here I’m pretending to itch my neck in a Canadian tuxedo. Also, I am squinting. And thinking, ‘Hmm, is it smokey in here? Am I allergic to smoke? Does it make my neck itchy?”

Ok. So the @instylemagazine Photographer saw my earlier post and sent this photo! Proof! I did stand next to a horse. And also, I put that hat on the horses head. Boom. My idea! #classic And it didn’t even freak out. I learned how to do that when I was making the #magnificent7 I basically learned a ton about dressing horses in funny clothes, hats, scarves, the like, you’ll see a lot of that in the movie. Our horses are wearing funny little hats and boots and smoking pipes. Does anyone ever read this shit? Haha! That’s not true. None of it. Well the part about me putting the hat on the horses head is true. I’m like the horse whisperer. Right after this I got it to stand on one foot and break a board with a blind fold on. Then I jumped it. Over a mountain. Not to brag.
Chris Pratt Offers Commentary on Fashion Shoot