CL’s English-Language Debut Lives Up to the Hype, Comes Approved by Method Man

Continuing the summer of K-pop megastars going solo, 2NE1’s CL has finally dropped her English-language debut after more than a year of buzz. Not to be confused with her American introduction — which technically came with “Doctor Pepper” and “Hello Bitches” — “Lifted” has been billed as her big crossover song and the first single from her upcoming debut solo album. An eleventh-hour entry into Song of Summer contention, it’s a reggae-indebted ode to sun-kissed debauchery that comes with a video in praise of summer in New York City. “Lifted” borrows from Wu-Tang’s “Method Man,” so, of course, he makes an appearance. How high in the clouds do two people have to be to look like they’re having this much fun? All is revealed in the end.

CL’s English-Language Debut, ‘Lifted,’ Is Here