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Clue Reboot in the Works, Confirming Both Board Games and Reboots Are So Hot Right Now

Photo: IMDB

After eliminating all the other suspects, means, and locations of the perfectly legal crime-against-good-taste of adapting board games into movies, the Tracking Board solved the mystery: Clue, with 20th Century Fox, in (maybe, someday) a theater new you. The studio announced that it’s working with Hasbro, the toy company that also sold you Battleship and Ouija as both games and films. “But Clue was already made into a movie starring Tim Curry in the ’80s,” you may be saying. And sure, while that ’85 cult classic might have brought us years of quotable weirdness, Hasbro smells another opportunity to make money off everyone’s favorite murder-driven family-friendly game. And, according to the Tracking Board, that includes an international element: Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, and Colonel Mustard might be leaving the confines of the billiards room and the library for spots spanning the globe. Which goes to prove, whether you’re in the study or sitting in a Shanghai park, never trust someone holding a candle stick — especially if they’re dressed in just one color.

Clue Might Be Your Next Board-Game-Movie Reboot