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Colton Haynes Accepts Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award, Promises to Lead by Example

On August 27, Teen Wolf and Arrow actor Colton Haynes accepted the Visibility Award from America’s largest LGBT civil-rights-advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Haynes, who officially came out of the closet just last spring in an interview with EW, cried as he made his speech thanking the HRC and its advocates. “I don’t necessarily feel especially deserving of this recognition,” Haynes said, “We all know that there are many other ways, many other people who have come before me and blazed the trail as LGBT advocates and role models. And I’m walking in their shoes and I’m following their lead.” He praised the organization for their help in fighting for marriage equality and for their outreach to young people. “You guys inspire me more than you’ll ever know. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point, and I thank the HRC for the continued support.” While admitting that there’s still more that he could do to help the community, Haynes shared his commitment to the cause, “My promise is simple and real, and I’m not making it to you. I’m making it to the next generations of lesbians and gay men, bisexuals, and transgender youth, and I hope my example will give them the confidence and hope to be who they are as well.”

Colton Haynes Accepts Visibility Award