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You Can Spend $800 on a Special Boxed Set of All Six Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Movies

There goes the hoard. Photo: Warner Brothers

Money, as the Bible says, is the root of all evil: It’s best to be rid of it, and fast. If you were at a loss for good ways to spend your cash — say, you already have a private plane, your regular dollar-bill bonfires are staining your beach-house chimney, taxes are for chumps, charity is boring — we’ve found you another option. Warner Bros. is selling a special-edition version of all six Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies for $800 on Amazon. Now, each trilogy already costs about $60 individually, but this edition also nets you some special artwork and a wooden shelf. (A similar shelf, the Furinno, is available on Amazon for $16, for those who enjoy living like scum.) If you weren’t already primed to toss $800 into the Mount Doom that is e-commerce, Dominic Monaghan is here with a pitch:

Congratulations, You Can Spend $800 on LOTR