Connor Ratliff Is Running For President (Again)

Four years ago, Splitsider covered the presidential campaign of Connor Ratliff, then a cast member on public access hit The Chris Gethard Show. Now, Ratliff’s announced he’s officially back in the running this November – and, he’s writing a book about it!

Since 2012, actor and improviser Ratliff has risen through the ranks at New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, appeared in Mike Birbiglia’s Don’t Think Twice, tried to reach two different Olympic games, and eaten his first vegetable, while Gethard Show’s gotten two seasons (so far) on Fusion, providing Ratliff with an even bigger platform for his ongoing campaigns.

This time, Ratliff – now 41, so definitely old enough to be president – is running as a No Party candidate. “It’s pure narcissism,” he says of his motives, “but I think that’s been legitimized as a reason to run for President, given all the attention that has been paid to Trump. The big difference is that I’m willing to admit it. I’m not sure that Donald is even aware that he’s a narcissist. I haven’t heard a single journalist ask him about it in over a year of non-stop coverage.”

In his campaign’s official press release, Ratliff also addresses some rumors he’s heard about Donald Trump’s genitals, and asks for help hacking a hologram of himself onto one of the upcoming debates.

And, in case you wanted to dive even deeper into his history on the issues, Ratliff’s releasing a book, titled Winning Isn’t Everything: Why I Am Running For President Again… And Why I Will Lose. It explains, in 50 pages, Ratliff’s platform: that he is running “[f]or the same reason as almost every other major candidate who decides to run for the highest office in the land: because he is a LOSER who just wants some attention.” The booklet features an introduction by Will Hines and a foreword by Adam Conover (and it’s only $5 – or, $3 for an ebook).

Ratliff’s last presidential campaign culminated in a televised debate with “Rent Is Too Damn High” candidate Jimmy McMillian, so it’s truly anyone’s guess where this ends up. In a world so full of fear and uncertainty, it’s a comfort to know that some bits will never die.

Connor Ratliff Is Running For President (Again)