Courteney Cox Is Not Thrilled About Eating a Drowned Sheep with Bear Grylls on Running Wild

Does Courteney Cox think she’s too good to eat a festering drowned sheep on Running Wild With Bear Grylls? Wow, these Hollywood types, man. They really don’t want to participate on survival shows their agents booked them to appear on! “I don’t want to drag it out,” she says as Bear Grylls drags the carcass out of a bog. “It stinks,” she says. “That’s disgusting,” she says. Meanwhile, there is a perfectly good putrefying sheep corpse all bloated and bobbing around for her potential enjoyment. You think you’re better than everybody else, Courteney Cox? Sorry you’re not having decomposing sheep meat at Per Se. Guess fame really does change people.

Courteney Cox Isn’t Thrilled to Eat a Dead Sheep