DC Superhero Cyborg Will Appear in The Flash, Giving Us One More Tease Before His 2020 Solo Film

The DC Comics character Cyborg has a long way to go before he gets his own standalone movie. But for those of you itching to see the half-man/half-machine wonder before 2020, he is set to appear in the upcoming Justice League and, according to Variety, The Flash, which hits theaters in March of 2018. As DC Films expands its screen universe, so too is it expanding its cross-pollination efforts throughout its various films, à la Marvel. Wonder Woman obviously played a big role in Dawn of Justice, which also featured a brief glimpse of Cyborg and another of the Flash talking to Bruce Wayne. Speaking of the Dark Knight, he just popped up in Suicide Squad. Since Wonder Woman is a period piece, it’s unlikely we’ll see one of her fellow Justice League members show up there, but this is comic-book world, so we’re not ruling anything out. And since we’re not getting the Rock’s standalone Shazam movie until 2019, we will surely see that character show up in some capacity before that movie comes out. Perhaps during Aquaman in 2018? If we’re extra lucky, Harley Quinn and Deadshot will just show up together in all of them for no good reason, other than Margot Robbie and Will Smith being increasingly great together.

Cyborg Will Appear in The Flash