Allow Cynthia Erivo to Slay Beyoncé’s ‘Sandcastles’ in This Week’s Ham4Ham

Hamilton’s preshow has welcomed many a musical powerhouse to its outdoor stage, but not until today has the woman with “the greatest vocal cords on Broadway” paid Ham4Ham a visit. In this week’s edition, Cynthia Erivo — Tony-winning star of The Color Purple and one-woman chorus of angels — blessed passersby with her presence, which, if you’ve had the pleasure of witnessing her in action, will know is a real treat to behold. Rather than her showstopping (literally) number from TCP, she did what all women who slay should: sang Beyoncé. Watch Erivo cover the already emotionally crushing “Sandcastles” from Lemonade and start visualizing that moment when she gets an invite to Bey’s next visual epic, because it’s bound to happen.

Cynthia Erivo Covers Beyoncé for Ham4Ham