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This Video of Cynthia Erivo Singing ‘My Funny Valentine’ Only Has 694 Views. That Is Too Few. Watch It.

[Pulls suspenders.] Now I might not be some big-city streaming analyst, but I think this video has too few views. As of publication, 694!? That’s too few, regardless of when this post was published. And it’s nine months old! It could have a little video baby by now, and what a baby it would be, considering its parents.

It’s Cynthia “Great Singer” Erivo! How good is she at singing? [To the tune of “Simply the Best”] She’s Cynthia best. Did you see her at the Tony’s? You still crying, too? Me neither. Girl gets mid-show standing ovations every night! [To the tune of “Simply the Best”] She’s Cynthia best.

I don’t know The Protagonist Magazine from any other surprisingly nice, presumably foreign fashion magazine, but they did a great job with this video by pairing Cynthia “Great Singer” Erivo with “My Funny ‘Great Song’ Valentine.” Two great tastes that taste great together. So watch the video. It has too few views.

Also, it’s Friday.

Erivo Sings ‘My Funny Valentine,’ You Watch