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Robert De Niro Likens Donald Trump to His Taxi Driver Character

Photo: Silver Screen Collection

Yeah, Donald Trump, Robert De Niro is definitely talkin’ to you. During an appearance at the Sarajevo Film Festival on Friday evening, De Niro had some choice words for the U.S. Republican presidential candidate, questioning how Trump has sustained his prominence in the race for so long. “What he has been saying is totally crazy, ridiculous, stuff that shouldn’t be even … he is totally nuts,” De Niro said. The actor, who was on hand for a special 40th-anniversary screening of the seminal Taxi Driver, went on to compare Trump to Travis Bickle, the disturbed protagonist he famously portrayed in the film. “One of the things to me was just the irony at the end — [Bickle] is back driving a cab, celebrated, which is kind of relevant in some way today, too. People like Donald Trump who shouldn’t be where he is, so … God help us,” he said. “But I think now they are really starting to push back, the media. Finally they are starting to say, ‘Come on, Donald, this is ridiculous, this is nuts, this is insane.’” De Niro had been previously outspoken about his disdain for the businessman, which once prompted Trump to fire back with, “He’’s not the brightest bulb on the planet.”

De Niro Likens Trump to Taxi Driver Character