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Denis Leary Sings a Donald Trump Verison of ‘I’m an Asshole’ Accompanied by CBS’s Most Dedicated Censor

Take the rest of the week off to ice down those thumbs, CBS censor. You’ve earned it. Denis Leary visited the Late Late Show to play the Bill to James Corden’s Hillary, and to put a fresh, even more depressing spin on his 1993 comedy hit “I’m an Asshole.”  While CBS had to put tiny digital American flags over Denis Leary and James Corden’s faces so the audience wouldn’t accidentally see them mouth the word “asshole,” Donald Trump’s mouth remains totally unobscured when he, say, incites Russia to hack American email servers or accuses President Obama of being a secret Kenyan or, at this point, just says anything.

Denis Leary Sings ‘I’m an Asshole’ Trump Parody