DJ Khaled to Host the VMAs Pre-Show, Because All He Does Is Win

Get Schooled Celebrate Carol City Middle School With Celebrity Principal DJ Khaled
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DJ Khaled, the music industry’s most beloved multi-platform hype man, is going to take us all by the hand and usher us into the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday as the pre-show host. And, he is pumped about it. In an interview with Billboard, Khaled tells viewers to “expect nothing but greatness and also expect the unexpected because when you got Khaled on the bill, ratings go extra high.” And while he would not spoil the surprises he has planned, he promised he will be “going all out” and that “It’s gonna be nothing but love, energy and fun.” And how is he going to manage all this magic? By simply being all the Khaled he can be. “That’s what they wanted me to do — to bring the Khaled vibe. I’ma give you that cloth talk. I’ma give you them keys — the keys to more wins, more success and more blessings.” And as far as who Khaled is looking forward to most during the actual broadcast, he says he “can’t wait to see Rihanna” and that he’s sure Britney Spears is “gonna tear that down.” Since all this guy does is win, he’s probably even underselling how amazing Sunday is going to be. It’s going to be a great VMAs this year, guys.

DJ Khaled Will Make You Love the VMAs Again