Ellie Goulding’s New Music Video Has Bridget Jones’s Baby Snippets for the Ship of Your Choice

Ellie Goulding’s single “Still Falling for You” is set to appear on the Bridget Jones’s Baby soundtrack, and the music video for the tune sure seems to take a neutral stance. In it, Goulding sings in front of a projector that plays a bunch of snippets from the sequel, which follows Bridget (Renée Zellweger) into a baby-daddy-tinged love triangle with her ex, Mark “Just As You Are” Darcy (Colin Firth), and Jack “We Don’t Know You Well Enough to Have Your Last Name Down” McDream’s Dead (Patrick Dempsey). Like we said, there’s no empirical evidence, per se, to suggest that Goulding’s got a ship in her heart; the footage appears to favor both suitors equally. But, empiricism aside, there’s always the evidence of aura, and it really feels like Goulding is pulling for Mark. Hey, that’s just one of Vulture’s 100 percent unbiased opinions. Judge for yourself — watch the video, above.

Ellie Goulding Music Vid Has Bridget Jones Clips