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Eric Andre’s Nardwuar Interview Is a Pretty Awkward 15-Minute Experience

As it is with matching magnetic poles, two strong bits tend to repel, rather than attract, one another. If that room smelled like B.O. when Eric Andre and beloved interviewer Nardwuar started their ill-fated discussion, imagine what started to happen when the panic set in. How well does their conversation go? Well, less than seven minutes in, they manage to bring up the death of Nardwuar’s mother. Look, all of our unique, individual bits are like puzzle pieces: If you force them to fit together, the cardboard gets all mashed up and your mom yells at you for ruining yet another beautiful picture of a horse. Even though both these men barely made it through this thing alive, one thing’s for sure: Eric Andre probably cannot eat shit on television, even if his show is on Adult Swim.

Eric Andre Struggles With His Nardwuar Interview