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Evanescence’s Amy Lee Has a New Kids’ Album, Dream Too Much, Because Waking Up Inside Is for Adult Emo-Goth Rockers

Evanescence Perform At The 2012 Heineken Jammin Festival
Photo: Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images

While grown-ups might need some sweet goth-emo-metal tunes to awaken from their stultifying existential slumber, toddlers just need to go to sleep already, for God’s sake. Please, it’s three in the morning. Amy Lee of Evanescence fame is releasing her first children’s album, Dream Too Much, co-created with her musician father and sisters, on September 30. Rolling Stone debuted its title track, which explicitly walks back Lee’s demand to wake up and praises the awesomeness of constant sleeping and dreaming. How things have changed!

Evanescence’s Amy Lee Has a New Children’s Album