New Luke Cage Trailer: What Do You Get the Guy Who Can’t Be Hurt by Anything? A New Hoodie

After a teaser wherein he roughed up ne’er-do-wells to O.D.B., and a trailer where he defended Harlem over a verse from El-P, Luke Cage is back in the show’s second full trailer, and the music is just as good. The sweet soul strains of Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad’s score play while we watch Cage struggle with his destiny as a hero and contemplate the threats to his Harlem home. We get glimpses of, and bits of dialogue from, co-stars like Mahershala Ali, Simone Missick, Rosario Dawson (reprising her role as Claire Temple from the other Marvel shows on the streaming provider), and the incomparable Alfre Woodard. The whole thing is a rich stew that will whet your appetite for the show’s September 30 debut. Watch the new trailer above, and the first one below.

See the New Trailer for Netflix’s Luke Cage