The First Music Video Off of Metallica’s New Album After 8 Years Away Is Here and Very On-Brand

Metallica hasn’t put out an album in eight years, but theirs is not an easy sound to forget. (Sure, keeping said sound defined right in that onomatopoeia-esque name helps). Well, Metallica is finally back with new music, and the steely band is as welded to its sound as ever. The group dropped the audio track and music video for “Hardwired,” the first song off of the upcoming album Hardwired … To Self-Destruct, on Thursday. So, if you were thinking, Man, wouldn’t it be cool if Metallica radically reinvented itself and stamped out a totally original sound with this new album?, that does not seem to be the case. If you were thinking, Man, I love Metallica, well then, mazel tov! Watch Metallica sounding pretty much like the Metallica you’ve always known and had certain judiciously concluded, well-defined feelings about, above.

The First Music From New Metallica Album Is Here