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Flea Responds to Fox News’ Red Hot Chili Peppers Attacks: ‘They’re All Welcome to Hate Us’

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Photo: 2016 Getty Images

As reported last week, for some weird reason, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld can’t stop, won’t stop insulting the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Gutfeld’s gripe? After being shown a pretty cute video of Flea rockin’ out on the bass with Koko the Gorilla on his Fox show The Five, he called the Chilis “the worst band on the planet” before going on a brief tirade against front man Anthony Kiedis and declaring Faith No More the superior rock band. Days later, Gutfield continued his attacks on his “Greg’s Music News” segment by clarifying that he thought the quartet was “the worst band in the universe,” as opposed to just “the planet.” (Slow news day, we’re assuming.) The Chilis have remained silent on the matter until now, when Flea was asked about the jabs by NME over the weekend. “I remember seeing a poll recently that said people who watch Fox News knew less about world affairs than people who watch no news at all. It’s clearly a funny program. It doesn’t faze me, not really,” Flea said. “I heard that. It’s funny. I don’t care. They’re all welcome to hate us. God bless ’em.” Touché.

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