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Frank Ocean Drops the Music Video for ‘Nikes,’ and Yeah, Looks Like This Is All Going to Be Worth the Wait

Following the release of his visual album, Endless, this week, most fans presumed/hoped/prayed that Frank Ocean’s actual album, which may or may not be called Boys Don’t Cry, would follow immediately after. After all this time, why would you expect Frank Ocean to do what you expect him to do? Extremely early today, the rapper dropped a video for a new track titled “Nikes” on Apple Music and YouTube. Between the glitter, tender nudity, self-immolation, and references to victims of gun violence including Trayvon Martin, “Nikes” feels like 2016 in a nutshell. Honestly, at this point, Frank should take all the time he needs. He clearly knows exactly what hes doing.

Frank Ocean Drops the Music Video for ‘Nikes’