Frank Ocean Releases Visual Album Endless

Photo: Apple Music

Okay, Frank Ocean is officially a rascal. After promising us Boys Don’t Cry literal years ago, and dangling that promise ever closer a couple of weeks back, Frank Ocean did not release Boys Don’t Cry. Instead, he gave us Endless, a visual album. Look, joke’s on us for not thinking Frank wise enough to go full Beyoncé. Okay, enough griping — a new Frank Ocean thing exists! Featuring new music, Endless is around 45-minutes long and it takes place in the very same warehouse from which Ocean has been streaming his construction of a staircase. The arrival of Endless doesn’t necessarily mean we’re not getting Boys Don’t Cry very soon. According to Pitchfork, Apple Music said to “keep an eye out this weekend for more from Frank.” So, Endless: either a descriptor of that stairway to heaven, or the wait for Boys Don’t Cry. Watch Endless here.

The tracklist for Endless is as follows:

01 “Device Control” (written by Wolfgang Tillmans)
02 “At Your Best (You Are Love)” (The Isley Brothers/Aaliyah Cover) (ft. Jonny Greenwood, James Blake, and the London Contemporary Orchestra)
03 “Alabama” (ft. Sampha and Jazmine Sullivan)
04 “Mine” (prod. by Arca)
05 “U-N-I-T-Y” (ft. Christophe Chissel)
06 Ambience 001: “In a Certain Way”
07 “Commes Des Garcons”
08 Ambience 002: “Honeybaby”
09 “Wither” (ft. Jazmine Sullivan and Alex G)
10 “Hublots” (ft. Jazmine Sullivan)
11 “In Here Somewhere”
12 “Slide on Me”
13 “Sideways”
14 “Florida”
15 “Deathwish (ASR)”
16 “Rushes” (ft. Jazmine Sullivan and Alex G)
17 “Rushes To”
18 “Higgs”