‘Futurama’s Billy West Reading Trump Quotes as Zapp Brannigan Is Perfect

At this point, people poking fun at Trump don’t even need a punchline – the quotes from the campaign trail that read, verbatim, like well-crafted parodies are hilarious enough.

Which is why voice actor Billy West, the man behind many of your favorite Futurama characters, is campaigning to #MakeAmericaBrannigan over on Twitter. West has spent the last few days collecting ridiculous Trump quotes, and reading them in the voice of Futurama’s self-obsessed space captain, Zapp Brannigan – and the resemblance between the presidential candidate and the socially clueless cartoon is seriously uncanny.

Here are the clips West has created so far – and he’s still taking requests, so tag yours with the #MakeAmericaBrannigan tag and he just might make it:

‘Futurama’s Billy West Reading Trump Quotes as Zapp […]