Gregg Sulkin Hopes Seeing His Abs in a Gay Magazine Will Help the LGBT Community

Gregg Sulkin.
Gregg Sulkn, clothed.

Gregg Sulkin is making his way out of Disney, and as every publicist well knows: You have to court the gays! And what better way than with a shirtless cover on a gay magazine? So in the great tradition of Nick Jonas, Sulkin, the star of Faking It graces the cover of Gay Times, a U.K. publication, this month. It’s his “first ever” appearance in a gay publication, and he thinks it’s important. “Even if it’s just in a small way, seeing straight men on gay magazines helps people realize that it’s completely acceptable to be gay,” Sulkin said to GT. “I didn’t want this to be just another photo shoot; it’s a lot more meaningful for me than anything else.”

So he’s very shirtless! And he’s doing it to help the kids! “I did Faking It for the same reasons I wanted to be on the cover of GT, and that’s to try and educate the ignorant,” Sulkin said. So what are some things that he’s learned? He’s discovered, for instance, that gay men love Britney Spears. The story opens with Sulkin “serenading” the author with “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” “I’ve seen how gay men react to her — it’s out of control!” he gushes. “They love her.” Later on, he says that while he’s never heard of RuPaul’s Drag Race, lip-syncing Kelis’s “Milkshake” on Lip Sync Battle “changed [his] life.” Well child, you’d better learn your herstory, because reading is what? Fundamental.

Gregg Sulkin Hopes His Abs Will Help Gay Kids