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Anne Hathaway Is Living Her Best Life and Starring in a Live Fast Die Hot Adaptation

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Well, that was fast. Just two months after Jenny Mollen released her humorous memoir, Live Fast Die Hot, Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to turn Mollen’s personal essays into a film, with a delightful leading lady already attached. Anne Hathaway is set to star in the adaptation, as well as produce it alongside Gail Berman, with Mollen herself serving as an executive producer. The best-selling memoir chronicles the eccentric and exciting exploits of Mollen, who was forced to re-prioritize her impulsive, social-media-heavy life after becoming pregnant with her son. As Mollen embarks on trips to Morocco and Peru in hopes of self-reflection and discovery, she realizes that motherhood and confronting her past demons might not be as difficult as she once thought. Think of it as an irreverent Eat, Pray, Love with lots of cursing.

Hathaway to Star in Live Fast Die Hot Adaptation