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The New Rings Trailer Reminds You to Never Click on an Unknown Email Link, As It Was Probably Sent by a Ghost

Kids these days don’t understand how easy they have it. Why, back in 2002 when The Ring came out, people had to find a haunted VHS tape, put it in a VCR, and consciously choose to play it if they wanted to get murdered by a ghost. So many steps. The new Rings trailer suggests that Samara, the franchise’s preternaturally evil girl ghost, would be rendered irrelevant if we could just stop mindlessly watching every video that drifted through our timelines. LOL. Good luck with that, everybody. You can watch the first trailer for the film, which opens on February 3, 2017, below, unless you’re starting to think twice about the consequences … just kidding, you know you’re already watching it.

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