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Mary J. Blige Finally Opens Herself Up to More Drama in Her Life By Guesting on How to Get Away With Murder

Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Well, if you didn’t want Mary J. Blige to get away with murder, you shouldn’t have made a show called How to Get Away With Murder and let her love it, now should you? According to Deadline, Grammy award–winning singer Mary J. Blige will guest star on the upcoming third season of ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder. There is no information about Blige’s character or plotline quite yet, but given that Viola Davis revealed that season three features a new mystery “and it’s going to be presented very quickly in the first episode,” one has to hope that Mary J. Blige bumps off someone/Bonnie/all the students except Laurel during the cold open. Verdict? Ms. Blige, in the dancerie, with the hateration.

How to Get Away With Murder Gets Mary J. Blige