Jay Pharoah Is Releasing a New Mixtape, Unfortunately Might Be Calling It Phornication

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Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Urban Arts Partnership

Earlier this month, it was announced that Jay Pharoah would not be returning to Saturday Night Live, but it looks like he’s already moving on. He’ll soon be starring in a half-hour comedy executive-produced by Jamie Foxx and Californication’s Tom Kapinos for Showtime, and now he’s releasing a new mixtape! According to Pitchfork, at the VMAs white carpet, Pharoah told Billboard that the tape, produced by Myles Williams and Roc, might be called Phornication. “When you hear the tracks, you’ll know why I say ‘Phornication,’” he tried to assure us. Although Pharoah released his first mixtape, The Resurrection, in 2014, he is known for his excellent impersonations of rappers such as Kanye West, Jay Z, Drake, and Nicki Minaj. He even performed Justin Bieber’s song “Where Are Ü Now?”  Watch the full VMA interview below:

Jay Pharoah Is Releasing a New Mixtape