Jay Pharoah Performs a Justin Bieber Song to Tease the Latest Celebrity-Singing Spectacle

Back in June, Comedy Central somewhat quietly announced it would be airing a one-hour special edition of “The Goddamn Comedy Jam,” a monthly live spectacle in Los Angeles that features comedians doing sets of material before performing a cover song of their choosing with a live band. And since America is deeply in love right now with shows about famous people that either sing or lip sync popular songs — particularly when they do it in front of screaming crowds — the network is right on time with its entry into the genre. (To be fair to the original Goddamn Comedy Jam, it has been going on for over two years now, so creator Josh Adam Meyers is no bandwagoner.) The special will air on Sunday, August 28, and the first teaser clip arrived today, featuring Jay Pharoah performing Justin Bieber’s hit song “Where Are Ü Now?” And, yes, Pharoah’s impression of the track’s catchy dophin-sound hook is as good as his impression of Jay Z. Other comedians on the bill include Pete Davidson, Adam Devine, Jim Jeffries, and Natasha Leggero, and there’s word that famous musicians may also make cameos during the musical numbers. So in Comedy Central’s corner it will be comedians, live bands, musical performances, possibly famous musicians. Your move, Jimmy Fallon.

Jay Pharoah Performs Bieber’s ‘Where Are Ü Now?’