‘Jeff Ross Roasts Cops’ Airs on Comedy Central Saturday September 10th

Jeff Ross already did a prison roast with last year’s special Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals, and now he’s taking it to the police. Comedy Central announced today that Ross’s new hourlong investigative comedy special with the Boston Police Department Jeff Ross Roasts Cops will air on Saturday, September 10th at 11:00pm. Here’s more from Comedy Central’s announcement:

Jeff Ross Roasts Cops follows Ross during filmed ride-alongs with Boston police, interviews with top police brass (including Commisioner William B. Evans), Roast sets at BPD events and inside the precinct, real-time on-site interviews with anti-police brutality protesters in New York, and casual conversation and improvised banter on the streets of Boston with everyday citizens. Investigating both sides of police-community relations, Ross uses comedy to seek out the humanity within one of America’s most controversial issues.

“Everybody in America is talking about the cops, but almost no one is talking to them,” said Ross on the project. “So I wondered, ‘What’s their job really like right now?’ and ‘If I make fun of them, will they laugh, or will they want to kill me?’” We’ll have to wait until September 10th to find out.

‘Jeff Ross Roasts Cops’ Airs on Comedy Central […]